73/365 to wander is more fun than to just sit and wonder

One of my friends told me she wanted to go back to this place again just to buy her new favorite snack. It’s somewhere we’ve both been before. I told her that if she really wanted it so bad she just might as well go. She gave me a smile while saying she can’t because she doesn’t remember how to get there. The first time she went there was I think by car (or grab/uber) and relied only on Waze and Google Maps so she really doesn’t remember how to navigate her way going to that place.

Since I have been to that place many times already, I told her what landmarks to look for and start from there. But when I began asking if she remembers a certain footbridge in a certain place, she dismissed me quickly saying she really can’t remember.

I just laughed and at that moment I suddenly appreciated commuting.

Booking a grab or an uber, or driving your own car to get to any place could be more convenient than commuting by taking PUVs ー transferring from one jeepney or bus to another, especially in the heat of day.

There is advantage in figuring something out yourself than relying on someone or something (maps, waze, etc) – you learn the fastest and easiest route. Because when you travel on your own on public vehicles, you will be forced to focus and be alert during the trip. You will notice landmarks getting to a place and the more you go back to the same place trying different routes via PUVs (and on foot), you learn which route is the easiest or safest.

I’m not sure if this has something to do with one’s memory (photographic or not). Maybe I only have good memory than some of my friends that’s why.

But it’s just like when doing a job for the first time. An introduction or lecture on how things are done is helpful but you learn more during hands-on training.

So while booking grab/taxi has proven to be so convenient, I still prefer PUVs and wandering on foot.


PS: I still use maps and waze apps while wandering. It’s more fun than sitting wondering where I am in the map. 😜

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