59/365 fighting the urge to post

Lately, I have been seeing posts on current events. I’ve seen same topics appearing in my newsfeed due to multiple reposts.

I’ve been fighting the urge to post my POV on some of the issues. I’ve been trying hard not to post my stand on certain issues. This is why yesterday, I opted to blog about the suicide game apps than post what I think in my Facebook.

Today’s latest news is that the President did not sign the Anti-Palo Bill that aims to prohibit physical and humiliating forms of disciplining the children.

I know my stand when it comes to disciplining kids. For the record, I had my share of palo-sa-pwet and pingot-tenga during my childhood. I knew that when I did not heed my parent’s rules, I’d expect one of them holding our broom ready to hit me (ready or not). Did I take it against them? No. Did I grew up rebelling from them for what they punished me with? Never.

I was about to repost the news. I drafted my comment and changed my mind and discarded the post because I know that there may be people who’d agree with me, for sure there’d be a lot who’d disagree. I don’t it to be a never-ending comments of reasoning why and why not the bill should be signed, or why or why not you should not discipline kids palo way.

What I wanted to say is this:

I agree with the President’s reason for vetoing this bill. He wants the parents to have authority over disciplining their children.

I am a believer that if a kid needs to be disciplined by getting palo from time to time, then give it to them. Most of the time scolding doesn’t work anymore. Or maybe you and the kid just have to have an agreement that if he did the same bad thing again, then palo it is. But you shouldn’t hit the kids until they go black and blue. ー that’ll be a different story.

There are lessons that need to be learned the hard way ー that’s what kids have to learn.

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