58/365 where to stand

Recently there have been news of kids being kidnapped or snatched away from their elders even in broad daylight. There have also been news about a suicide game app/website that targets kids to teens challenging them to do tasks that suggests self-harm and suicide as the final challenge.

It’s just so sad that we won’t know anymore where to stand when it comes to raising our kids. I may not be a parent but I have nieces and nephew and a kid cousin living with us at home.

It’s true that we should not be letting the kids spend their time too much on their table watching or playing – that should let them play outside to build their social skills. But with the recent news, we may not know now what to do.

How would kids today grow up?

We can’t let them go outside because of bad people lurking that even if we are with them, they can still be taken away from us. We would think it is safe to just play indoors but there is also danger with social media or internet games.

It’s getting scarier everyday.

We should get back to how it was in the early days (’90s and waaaay back) – the hopscotch days.

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