Taste Testers: Binondo Food Crawl

Exactly one year ago today, my friends and I had a post V-day date at The Black Bird in Makati. Today, the same friends I were with on February 25 last year were the same friends I was with today in a food crawl in Binondo China Town. What a coincidence!

We did not have an itinery, just a list of restaurants to go to. Good thing is it’s my 3rd time in China Town and I still remember how to hop from one resto to another within Ongpin from the last time I went there.

Okay. So here is the list of what we ate today. Hehehe

Fried Siopao by Shanghai Fried Siopao

I am not a fan of siopaos but this one! We were walking along Ongpin and feeling hungry searching for Dong Bei so when one of us spotted this small Shanghai Fried Siopao store, we just had to stop and it’s also among our list so first stop done! Below picture was actually taken inside Dong Bei while we are waiting for our dumplings, but Shanghai Fried Siopao is located just at the corner of Bahama Street along Ongpin.


Kuchay with Pork Dumplings from Dong Bei Dumplings

Kuchay is Dong Bei’s best seller. It’s my favorite, too. Every time I go to Binondo, I would always go here for their Kuchay dumplings. Dong Bei for me, is the hardest to find. It was my 3rd time here but I still had to use some help from Google Maps. But after today, I think I can confidently come here without maps anymore. I’ll write it in another post complete with pictures of landmarks to look for.

Hacao from Ying Ying Tea House

While two other friends were lining up outside the Sincerity restaurant, I went with a friend to see if the queue in other restos is shorter. It was almost lunch time, so when we went to Ying Ying Tea House, the queue is almost the same as Sincerity. We just decided to take out their best seller Milk Tea and an order of Hacao. Tastes good but I still go for kuchay. šŸ˜‰


Sincerity Fried Chicken, Fried Rice, and Broccoli with Shredded Beef from Sincerity Restaurant

I really like their chicken here. It tastes good even without catchup or hot sauce. The broccoli with shredded beef is also good. This is always the place I go to for lunch when in Binondo. Feeling full after!


Desserts from Black Scoop Cafe

Final stop for today is the Black Scoop Cafe. It’s our first time to try this, too. It’s a must-try! What we ordered: Wintermelon Milktea Swirly Pearl, Supreme Black Mascapone Swirl, White Chocolate Raspberry, and a white chocolate cake.

We were so full from today’s food crawl that I don’t think any of us would still eat dinner at home. Hehe.


Compared to our group picture taken last year at the Black Bird Restaurant, we looked haggard here because of the walks we had to take within Ongpin. But, I think, we may not look as fresh as out picture last year in Black Bird, we sure enjoyed our food this time. šŸ˜œ

*looking forward to our next foodie adventure*


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