55/365 7W4L

Yesterday I won my 7th in the Chess app. I still don’t consider myself good enough. I had several mistakes and blunders, although I managed to win.

Two people already told me that Chess is a game of the genius or game of the brain. I don’t know, but I am no genius. I just know how to defend my King and maybe I have been lucky with my opponents.

Today when I told Mama I won at Chess again, she was surprised that I play and went on to tell me that my late Tito Jerry, her brother that I had never met, used to be a Chess Master during his day. Tito Jerry, she said used to compete with players from different schools.

It made me smile at the thought that maybe I got it from him ー not being a chess master because I am not, but the ability to understand the game easily.

It was actually my late Papa who taught me Chess in grade school. He would challenge me and show how he’d beat me in 3 moves. And whenever I made a mistake, he’d either tell me why it is a bad move (“di mo pwede ilagay dyan, makakain ko yan”), or confirm if I’m sure about my move (“sigurado ka na?”). Sometimes I’d plead to him that I change/retract my move. At times he’d let me and later set a “touch-move” rule on our next game. Meaning once I touch a piece during my turn, I’d have no choice but move it, no changing of minds.

I miss that.

Now, I don’t really care much about my stats (blunder, mistake counts) as long as I win. 😜

I’ll get better someday. 😉

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