53/365 b-side

My close friends know this ー that when I tell them a conflicted story that involved me and another person, I share the details. Like if I had a heated argument with someone, I tell them where it started, what I said, what the other person said, up to how the argument ended exactly.

And for the record, I don’t always get their side.

I remember years ago, when I was in a group chat with friends, and I kept ignoring, obviously, almost everything one of my friends say, another one of them scolded me in a separate message telling me, “Joc?! Bakit ganun? Bad yun ha”. A true friend tells you you’re wrong if you really are.

Real friends will not always believe you. They will not always accept everything they hear from you. A good and just friend will ask “did you do something that made this person mad and treat you in a certain way?”, “maybe you did something that upset them?”.

It’s just funny, at the same time disappointing how some people buy their friend’s story ー story wherein, they think (because of how the story was told) their friend is the victim. Well, friend nga kase. Speaking of victim, I remember I posted something related to this many years ago – blind spot.

I can’t help but sing this line from Eraserhead’s song Fruitcake.

🎶There are b-sides to every story.🎶

Some of us refuse to listen to side-B just because our BFFs said “wag mo na pakinggan yan, mas maganda yung side-A! maniwala ka sa ‘kin”.

Wag nating paliitin yung mundo natin nang dahil lang gusto nating i-please ang iba.

🎶wag mahihiyang..🎶 mag-disapprove.


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