52/365 origami box

In 2016, I promised myself to make one origami a day. Inside the origami, before I folded the paper into either a butterfly or a heart, would be a note of what I am grateful for or anything that made me happy that day. It could be just anything like a quote I read on a book, a facebook post, or something #notetoself.

I also used to just make a butterfly with a note “God bless you!” and leave it wherever I go ー on a flower in a park, at a bench in a chapel, anywhere. Hoping that it could brighten the day of whoever finds and picks it. Well, I was also hoping that no one would think I’m just littering. I even wrote a poem about it.

But at some point during the year, I stopped.

I stopped making origamis. I can’t remember why. Maybe I grew bored of it. Or maybe I had a hard time thinking of things to be grateful for, or made me happy.

One of the purpose of the origami box which I got the idea from the internet (something like bowl of rolled paper with thankful notes, just to be different I did an origami version), is so that whenever you feel down, you’d just pick from your bowl of notes and be reminded of the things that made you happy or grateful.

My origami box just fulfilled that purpose today. I saw the box I kept in my office mobile bin, pulled it out and picked an origami. I checked inside to see what I wrote when (date written inside, too).

“Some mistakes just have greater consequences than others. But you don’t have to let that mistake be thing that defines you.” -from the book Me Before You #notetoself 20March2016

There’s my food for thought of the day!

I picked another one and in there I just wrote that I was happy that a friend I haven’t seen in a while finally had the time to lunch with me.

It’s a good thing to read old notes. It’s like a throwback bowl, too.


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