hindi ko alam.. Ewan!

Today I watched a re-run of an original Filipino musical Eto Na! Musikal nAPO! by 9 Works Theatrical at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater in BGC.

I initially saw this event on my newsfeed. I like songs by the APO Hiking Society so I decided to watch even if I would have to watch alone. Eversince my travel buddy, Charitie migrated to Australia to work there, I kinda lay low on going out. So when I heard about this musical, I took this as a chance to try something new – watch a musical solo. 😉

It took me so much courage even in booking the ticket! I asked myself n times if I am really sure to go alone, unlike when I bought a ticket to a Jason Mraz Concert in SG but a week before my scheduled flight, I decided not to anymore. My anxiety always gets the best of me.

But not today. Anxiety = 0; Jokel = 1 😀


I was so excited, like fieldtrip-day-excited that I got up so early, still thinking whether or not I can do this. But I was determined. I can do this! I will do this! I will show up! It’s a good thing that the venue is near the office so searching for the place is easy-peasy and wouldn’t add up to my worries.


Next thing I know, I was sitting at seat C-10. I chose the balcony because (1) it’s cheaper, hehe and (2) I chose the end of the row so I won’t have to worry about being sandwiched by couples dating, so. 😜 I might actually choose the same seat the next time I watch a musical in this theater. Hehe

Eto Na! Musikal nAPO!

#MusikalnAPO is an original musical directed by Mr. Robbie Guevara, that tells about the story, set in the ’70’s, of a College barkada of 7 boys as told through the music of the APO Hiking Society.

It was such a beautiful story about family, friendship, love, pursuing your dreams and never giving up on those dreams. It’s funny, touching, and heartwarming, I left the theater feeling good, smiling while on my way out.


haaay.. 🎶 hindi ko alam.. bakit ba ganyan.. ewan🎶 but once they started playing an instrumental of a medley of the songs of APO at the beginning, I already got teary-eyed! (mababaw lang siguro talaga luha ko). They are all so good from the band, to the actors, to everybody who helped put this musical together! 👏🏼🙌🏼

I loved it that even as I write this post, the feeling just won’t go away. Hehehe! Ewan nga kase. Ang ganda talaga parang gusto ko mag-videoke at pag-tripan mga kanta ng APO after ko manuod! Love at first musical? 🤪

By the way, I felt this was my lucky day. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I was able to bravely ask for a selfie with one of the theater actors. All of them are actually nice, but my courage had a quota so I was back to my ever shy self after this one pic. This picture is a bonus. Plus I promise myself to make it a goal to buy souvenir whenever I go to a musical starting today. So..

I hope more people could watch this so they would understand how I feel today and will still feel for how long I don’t know. Haha! And of course, be touched by the story, too! 🥰

Congrats again to all the cast of Eto Na! Musikal nAPO! and thank you to everybody who made this possible! 🤗

Today has been my 47/365.

Here’s to hoping this won’t be my first and last musical!


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