42/365 on/off screen

It’s funny how most fans think that just because the two celebrities their “shipping” looks really good together, that it means they have to be together.

I don’t know but they think they have control over who should be the other one in the love team has to date or has to end up with ー the other half of the love team!

These celebrities have real lives not just the reel ones. Although most love teams really end up together, there are those that are better off as friends.

But some or most fans do not understand that. They get mad. Their feelings get hurt if either the girl or boy, outside of their showbiz work, dates another guy or girl. They bash the person these individuals end up with.

And then they proclaim they love and support their idols. How? By judging who they should or should not date?

That’s not love and support.

I like how the girl carried on and chose to be with whom she’s happier with, instead of settling with what her fans prefer for her.

Sometimes we need people to support us “on screen” but most of the time we need people who will love us even “off cam”.

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