41/365 checkmate

Prior to this year, I have only played chess in grade school. My late Papa was the one who taught me how each Chess piece moves. He was good at it. He used to say he’d beat me in three moves.

I have never been that good. I only know how to play, but I do not know how to plan to beat my opponent.

In high school, they only knew I play chess but I don’t remember really playing with an audience. I remember, when my class adviser was asking for volunteers to compete for our class in the then-upcoming intrams, he wrote my name across “Chess”, on the board where he listed the sports and the names of my classmates competing for each. But I violently refused. Yes violently with feet stomping the floor and fists banging my desk. My close guy friends were really “master” ones when it comes to chess. I also remember watching them as they compete with and against each other for the title Chess Master that time.

Fast forward to this year. I was encouraged by a former work counterpart to download the Chess App so we could play and “suck at chess” together.

Luckily, I can still remember how to play and from time to time win. And today I was surprised when I was able to win 2 games! I beat my former colleague for the 3rd time, and then I also beat one random chess player who challenged me.

I actually did not have any plan on how to beat any of my opponents. Thanks to the feature in the app, that lets you simulate your and your opponent’s moves before you finalize yours.

*whew* I guess I can really play chess!

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