39/365 I’m sorry I’m a tester

I am not really sorry for being a tester. I love my job. But what I am sorry about is how I (and maybe my fellow testers) can be so annoying just because I work as one.

You know, in my personal opinion, as I have observed, it’s funny how talking to a software tester can sometimes be annoying. We ask so many questions, we look into details, and ask things that would make the other person being asked scratch their head or roll their eyes. True story!

Here are some of the recent incidents of testers as a customer.

Scenario 1 : check crystals

Before the Chinese New Year, I mentioned in my post a good luck, that I went to a crystals shop in Maginhawa with a friend. What I failed to mention was the incident with the guy store keeper and my friend Zyra. Hehe!

Zyra was interested with the Malachite crystal – she liked the color and she read about what powers it has and benefits it will give her. Yeah, she did her homework! So she asked the guy if she could take a look of the sample of the malachite. The guy went back to her with a sample. Zyra checked in detail, meticulously each crystal in the sample malachite-adorned bracelet.

Ito ba yung high quality? Kase parang hindi naman sya high-quality

<insert bg music from moira> 🎶at tumigil ang mundo….🎶 (nung storekeeper) 🤣

Seriously! She asked if the crystals were of high quality like they said in their website. I laughed a little because I was surprised she really asked it with 2 other clients hearing it. I was close to doing a facepalm 🤦🏻‍♀️, really. I just smiled and said, “tester na tester eh”. The guy I think wanted to get mad at us but he was patient and nicely responded with yes, these are high quality. He also told us that what we see in their website may actually be different in actual. Hehe. 😅

The next day, we recalled the incident and laughed about it. Zyra asked me if she was wrong about asking about the quality. In my opinion, the question is valid – it’s her right to ensure that what she’ll be buying is legit, but that she could have asked in a better way than bluntly saying she thinks it’s not of high quality, when it really is. Hehe 😜

Scenario 2 : Large Fries, please

I went with Mama the other day for a check up at the Healthway Clinic in The Block, SM North. After the checkup, since we have with us my 1.5-year old niece, drop by McDo to take out a supposedly large McDo fries. Beside the McDo kiosk was a display of the Medium Fries. 🍟Yes meron palang large dahil I would have bought 2 medium fries if they tell me walang “large”.

But when we got the large fries, I told Mama:

hala.. ito na yun? yung lalagyan lang ang large eh.. anu ba yan regular lang yan eh..

When writing a test case, there are steps and description, and then expected results. And if we are going to log a bug against McDo’s supposedly “Large” Fries, we would need the following details:

Steps to Recreate:
Step 1: Go to a McDo Kiosk.
Step 2: Fall in line and wait for your turn.
Step 3: On your turn, order 1 Large McDo Fries.
Step 4: Pay and wait.
Step 5: Check your order.
Expected Result: It should be large fries.
Actual Result:
 The fries were not large, not even medium and the only thing large about it is its paper container (or whatever it’s called).

I believe you do not have to be a tester to notice things like this, especially when it comes to food. And I know a lot of people have noticed this, too and posted on Facebook. I was just surprised it’s actually true.

Scenario 3 : play for fun

I love trivia games. I play trivia games online where you can win cash prizes just for anwering all the trivia questions correctly. I play in the HQ app, PaydroPH app, and the FB Live Triva Game Confetti Philippines. Two of these online trivia games let you still play the game answering questions even if you are already eliminated. So you’ll be playing for fun (confetti) or points (paydro) instead of the prize.

Now, I have been keeping track of my correct answers. Not that it actually mattered in Confetti PH, but I just like to track. One night, I remembered, I have a total of 83 correct answers from all the plays I played before the game that night. During the game, I got 7 correct answers. As a tester that I am, I checked back and my total correct answers was updated to only 88. I was expecting 90.

“To further” my testing so I won’t rant about an invalid issue, I waited for the next game to validate again. I played and got 8 more correct answers. I checked back and expected to see 96, but it was only updated to 89.

I cannot accept this. Hahaha!🤣 Unlike the other game where acculumulated correct points can let you buy or avail rice for example, in this game though, points don’t matter. Well, bakit ba, tingin ko mali ang computation eh. 😝

That was what I thought – there’s a bug. The scores are not computed correctly! 🐞

So, I “logged a bug”, meaning I went to the page and sent a message. Below is how the conversation went.

The admin of the page was so nice and patient that he/she really explained for my peace of mind. Hehe. It did not stop there, I computed it myself just to check! Hehe! 😜 I won’t be surprised if he/she mentioned this to his/her colleague because I feel that I need to know how this and that works. I’m annoying like that.

That’s just a few little annoying and funny scenes with a tester.

I’m sorry for being a tester.. but no. Hehe 😉

Thank your tester friend, please. Hug a tester. Haha!

And just in time for Valentines, here’s a quote I found online when I googled for “software tester quotes”

Roses are red.
Violets are blue,
Here is the bug in the code
I found for you.
– *valentine for testers, author unknown




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