38/365 obey then complain

After the recent bombing in Jolo, Sulu, LRT and MRT Management have banned bottled drinks in all of the train stations.

I did not know this until one of my friends posted a rant about it on Facebook. We’re initially not sure why bottled drinks are now prohibited, but a statement from the Management said that the heightened security measure was because of the recent Jolo, Sulu bombing.

Read: Bottled drinks banned in LRT, MRT Stations

Banning of bottled drinks was actually a directive from the Philippine National Police because these can be used as ‘liquid bombs’.

So now we understand. However, there are still some people who are not for it. I don’t know if they heard the news or what, but some would deliberately not comply.

Earlier, upon entering the MRT North Avenue Station (southbound), there was a man who has been delaying the flow of passengers going inside the station. Apparently a bottled drink was found inside his bag. I think the guard, only following Management orders, refuse to let the man bring the bottled water inside the station. I think the man did not like it. He actually had a choice – either to consume it before he enters the station or leave his drink. But he did not do any of it, instead, he opened his bottled drink, opened his big mouth and poured the drink but he’s not catching it, purposely. That was what he did while other people behind him were stuck in line as they cannot pass the guard because this disrespectful man is acting.

What’s his point? So everybody would know that he’s against the new policy?

We can always disagree on things and still be respectful. There are platforms where we can raise issues. But some of us, chose to perform acts thinking people watching would give us applause or give us pat on our back.

But no, toddler. Grow up.

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