37/365 stereotype of a woman

One of my friends posted a list of stereotypes of a woman, represented with a character and a message that a woman should not be judged by her choice whether or not to do things women, in the eyes/perception of society, should or should not do. The images in each post are illustrated by Carol Rosetti. (see the post here)

Among the list is this example:

Rose decided NOT to have KIDS

<picture of woman>

(and below is the following message)

No worries, Rose. MOTHERHOOD is a CHOICE and your decision does not make you any LESS of a WOMAN!

I must say I really agree with this. Because, honestly, as of today, I don’t really see myself having kids. I easily get annoyed with naughty and noisy kids. Yeah I know, they’re kids of course they are naughty and noisy and playful!. But I don’t know. I don’t think I’m ready for them because I’m still impatient dealing with them.

But I love babies and toddlers! It’s just the kids, really. 😬

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