35/365 B+

Last Friday, I went to a clinic to have my Annual Physical Exam. The first thing I did when I got in Hi-Precision clinic, was blood extraction. I remembered that I never knew my blood type so I asked the nurse extracting my blood if I could know my blood type. It’s an additional charge (excluded from the company-mandated APE), so I had to pay for it myself. I also got my blood type card so in case of emergency and they have to know my blood type, they will no longer have to extract my blood sample because it is already printed on a card. The blood typing and card availment cost me P350, by the way.

I was so excited to know my blood type. After a few hours, the result was shown in the HP app.

I have always been pessimist. So when I discover what my blood type is, I smiled knowing what keeping the card that displays my type would remind me.. because my blood typing result says..

B(e) Positive!


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