32/365 aso’t pusa

I just like to share something I witnessed when I woke up today.

The little Tita is fixing the little one’s earrings.

What’s so special?

You know, almost all their life so far, they are like cats and dogs. They quarrel, fight on almost everything, everyday.

Given that they are just kids and it’s normal, okay, I understand. But arguing everyday? Goodness! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I bet no matter how long your patience is, it will run out with these kids. 🤣 Maybe I’m no longer that patient enough. Too much Tita already.

Anyway, it’s not everyday that I get to see them this sweet.

Maybe it’s true, the more you hate, the more you love. And just because they argue and fight all the time, doesn’t mean they totally do not care about each other.

I wish they grow up fast! 😅


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