31/365 her name is Zoe

We went to this crystals shop, The Mala Tree, in Maginhawa Street to buy crystals just in time for the Chinese New Year. When we got there by 4PM, there were already clients on queue. My friend Zyra and I are queue # 3 and 5, but there were just 2 more groups of customers before us (hindi ata willing to wait si #4, kaya nawala). The first customer of the day was being entertained at the time we arrived.

Queue 1 are two older women in their, I think, late 40s or 60s. They were already choosing the stones for their bracelets and/or for their loved ones, too. They asked which stones are good for this and that year, for them, and for specific members of their family. I am not actually sure if they were related (mother-daughter) or not. They consult each other almost all the time but they bought crystals in separate orders.

They’ve been like that — choosing stones, asking what their chosen stones mean, the lady store keeper having their bracelets made, them fitting the bracelets, them telling the lady to resize, and what nots – for years, I mean, for almost 3 hours, because they mentioned they’ve been in the shop since 3PM – it’s already 5:30! And when we all (including the lady storekeeper) thought that they’re done, the eldest woman will ask for a stone again for a specific year. (like, wait there’s more). 🤦🏻‍♀️

We can already see in the faces of queue 2 customers, who are sisters, that they’re also becoming impatient waiting. There are no chairs in the shop for waiting customers, so imagine standing for 3 hours just for a single bracelet.

But we were willing to wait. I heard that the first customers came all the way from Bulacan, so okay, I understand. Although my inner and impatient self was saying they should have visited the website or the FB page and read about the crystals and their year so they could have listed their orders and save time.

And so we waited. 😏

While I was keeping myself busy with my phone, standing, the younger one of the siblings moved closer to me, maybe out of boredom, and just told me that there’s another crystals shop in the area – same street but farther than The Mala Tree shop. Then she told us about the crystal reading, and thought we might be interested.

She told us, how the owner of the other shop, through his crystal reading on her, “saw” in her that she needs a crystal to boost her confidence (but why? I thought she’s so friendly, she doesn’t seem to need it).

She was so friendly and funny. And for someone who lacks confidence, she had the courage to ask the first customers “matagal pa po kayo?”, in a friendly and non-offensive way. She’s amazing like that! 🤩

And before she left with her sister, she even asked for our number, so she could forward to us the prayer when invoking the power of the crystals.

Before she left, she happily said while saving my number, “Oh my God, I’m so happy, I have new friends!”

We like her already! hehe!

..but wait! There’s more good vibes

The good vibe feeling did not just stop when Zoe and her Ate left. The first customers were still there, still asking questions to the lady who are at that time entertaining me (my turn already!). Shella, she said she was, the Ate storekeeper, was so apologetic to us for the long wait. I had to give way to Zyra because she had to meet her other friend in Eastwood, so I told ate Shella, to prioritize her over me. Zyra left me, and I am finished (bracelets made and cleansed/blessed) before 7PM.

Outside the building where the shop is located, I hailed a tricycle and told kuya driver to get me to the Maharlika street. Kuya seemed nice and confirmed where he thought I am heading to – Tandang Sora. I asked how much the fare would be and he was honest. The streets in this part/district in Quezon City were given names from Filipino traits like Makadios, Matalino, Mapagbigay, etc. Zyra and I think that maybe people living here reflects the quality like their street names. So I thought maybe this tricycle driver lives in Matapat St., for being matapat/honest. Hehe 😅

While in another location, in Eastwood, Zyra also had luck going home. As per her story, there were no vans going to SM Fairview at that time and she was about to book a grab, when a lady offered to share rides with her and another one. Instead of shouldering P400 on her own, she then only had to shed P100. That’s a good luck!

Texting each other, we agreed that it (good vibe) started with Zoe.

Whether or not the stones we have had anything to do with tonight’s good luck (meeting new friends, friendly and honest people), we’re never sure. But one thing we learned today, as we heard from Ate Shella to her doubtful clients, “kailangan po nating maniwala”. 

If we believe we’re lucky. Then we will be, or are already, lucky!

All we have to do aside pray, is believe! 🍀

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