26/365 uninspired inspiration

Exactly five years ago today, I wrote and posted this poem on my Facebook account. A poem I have never posted here yet. I only remembered about this poem when I checked my FB Memories.

Here it is

too lazy to strum
too lazy to sing
too lazy to do any artsy craftsy thing

no more lives to crush some candies
not even one life to play Frozen Free Fall
why does this Sunday have to be this ‘cold’
no more games to play, and no friends to chat with or call..

I don’t feel like blogging yet
I don’t feel like scribbling, too
I just want to go some place today
But I am too lazy to do what I want to..

This was my example of using your being uninspired at the moment, as an inspiration to do (or write) something.

Being uninspired can actually be a source of inspiration. 😉


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