22/365 first impressions

They say that when meeting people for the first time, you have to give them a good impression. Looking your best, keeping that smile, and all the things you have to do or be, matter because that will define you or give them the illusion that the person you are projecting is who you really are.

Screw that. I don’t believe in it.

First impressions may be important but most of the time it does not really last (like the saying).

I have proven this a lot of times. For me, “second impressions” matter most.

People who knew me for the first time would think that I am not approachable or that I am scary, just because I don’t always smile and would most of the time seen scowling, which made them think that I am always angry. I have the same impression on some people I’ve met for the first time. And most of the time first impressions are not always true. (anghelita now, demonyita later, etc)

Just like one of the salon staff I met yesterday. I was intimidated by her last week that I backed out from availing their services. But I came back yesterday hoping she won’t be there. Turned out she’s the one who would be assisting me. And she is actually nice!

Only when we give people a chance to get to know them personally can we see the real person that they are, which is most of the time so different from what they appear to be.


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