20/365 a little bit

I was working the other day and my mind is multi-tasking. I was so focused with completing my task but my mind was also thinking about something else — about how we sometimes become the person that we never wanted to be.

Then I realized, we all are (or have) a little bit of something that we do not like. We don’t realize it at the time, but it’s true.

We meet people and some of them are what we’d say the kind that we do not want to be, or we’d never do what they do. But that is just what we say initially — after meeting the person, or witnessing them do what we think is wrong that we swear we’d never do.

But we really never know. Because there will be situations or we’ll be under certain circumstances that will make us do what we believe we’ll never do, and make us become the person we thought we’d never be.

I’ve heard and witnessed a lot of this from other people (even from friends, actually), including myself.

At the Church earlier, I saw a child being let by his parents play games in their mobile phone. So my first thought was the parents shouldn’t have let the child have the mobile phone to play and should teach the child that whenever he is in Church during a Mass, he shouldn’t do anything else but listen.

Then I stopped reacting in my mind and reminded myself that I almost did the same thing earlier — I kept looking at my smart phone, monitoring the time, attempting to play a trivia game. I was able to control myself, locked my screen and finally surrendered it in my pocket.

So, yes. We all have at least one thing that we do not like in a person.

It’d be hard to admit now, but later you’ll realize it’s true.

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