19/365 attachment

Eight years ago, I was assigned on a new project that had been close to my heart. Read about kalesa here.

Seven years ago, two of my teammates gave each of us in the team, a purse. And I have been using this purse since then (laba lang pahinga).

I do not know why I have become so attached to this purse that I just couldn’t stop using it. There have been times when I wanted to but a new one, but I would always remember how I still want to use it. The same person who gave me the purse, gave me a new wallet as Christmas gift 3 years ago. She was surprised actually to see that after all those years I’m still using the purse.

But even if I got a new wallet, which I also liked, I would still use the first purse every day. I would only use the wallet when the purse badly needs cleaning. Like today, I realized it could use some washing so I looked for the wallet while the other one is resting.

I don’t know when will I outgrow it, but I guarantee I wouldn’t retire it yet -not even in the near future. 😆

If only it could speak, it would tell me 🎶Mama Mia let me go.🎶 😂

Well. 🙄 🎶Bismillah, No. I won’t let you go.🎶


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