18/365 good catch

I am a very shy person. I am not one to ask too many questions (orally or written) because I am afraid that I’d be asking stupid questions.

Last year, I think I have overcome it when there things that need to be clarified and confirmed in some functional specifications documents (FSD) of the requirements we are still working on for test cases authoring. It’s helpful that we have this sharepoint where I can just type away my comments/questions and address them to the Functional Analysts (FA) who wrote the document.

For the coming release, I was assigned to author one of the new requirements. I had to review its corresponding FSD that had more or less 50 pages. I had so many questions about each attribute that was being mentioned in it that I had to have a friend at work proof-read my drafted question just to be sure that what I am asking is valid.

I was relieved when the FA replied,

Hi Jocelle, this is a good catch.

And then he followed it with explanation.


It made me smile. I feel happy when this FA says “it’s a good catch” or “it’s a good call” for almost all my observations or findings, which would have him updated the document based on them.

It’s not just about these little compliments (if I may put it that) that inspire me to do my job good, but the thought that my findings in these documents, even as a software tester, kind of help us build or deliver quality products to the clients.

Once again, today is just one of those days.


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