17/365 courtesy

I said in one of my posts that we should not be judged by what we willingly do or not do. But what if you’re the only one obviously that can help another person? Will you do the right thing or just pretend you did not notice?

Today, on my way home, I happen to ride on an almost empty jeepney. I was alone at the back so I had to move forward, a little closer so I could hand my fare to the driver. Not long after, a woman, not quite old, got on the jeep. She sat at the middle of an almost empty jeep and handed her fare, but she was far from the driver and at that time I was still closer so I reached for her fare to give the driver.

And since I’ve already done my “purpose”, I then moved at the very back or end of the jeep. Minutes later, another woman got in and sat alongside the first woman, and across me. She nicely asked the first woman to help her send the fare to the driver. The first woman obliged but made a side comment that it’s too far from her. 🤦🏻‍♀️

That’s her ☝🏼.

Why couldn’t she just do the favor just like I did for her? Along the road 2 students got in and sat behind her. One of the students said “bayad po”, extending her hand across this woman, hoping she’d take their money to give to manong. But no. Instead, she pretended to be busy with her phone.

With no other choice, one of the girls, moved to my side, forward, closer to the driver, then moved back to where they were seated after she gave manong their fare.

This reminds me of the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do.” or simply do not do to others what you wouldn’t want them do to you.

And it’s also nice to pay a good deed forward. 😉

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