12/365 palitaw

It’s amazing how we find deeper meaning to almost anything and relate them to our daily life.


Palitaw is a snack we eat here in the Philippines made with sticky rice, rolled and flattened, cooked by dropping it into a boiling water, then floats when it is done.

On New Year’s eve, for a change, Mama cooked palitaw. She believes (I don’t know where she learned about it) that aside from preparing 12 round fruits (we had watermelon, grapes and persimon, among others), palitaw is also good to welcome the New Year with. It’s like the symbolism of having tikoy/nian gao (Chinese rice cake) on Chinese New Year.

Palitaw, aside from being tasty and a favorite, apparently has a deeper meaning from how it is cooked. When you drop it to the boiling water, it stays at the bottom but not for long because in a few minutes it will surface once it is ready.

That is what we’re hoping in life ー if there would be a time, God forbid, that we hit rock bottom or drown with problems, may we still have the strength and courage to keep on living, and get up, and be ready to surface even stronger.

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