10/365 five years

Time really flies so fast.

5 years ago, I did not know how to survive 2014. The days seemed so slow I felt it’s going to take forever.

After my maternal grandmother and my father died respectively on the first 2 consecutive Fridays of the new year, I feared every coming Friday since. I would panic starting on Wednesdays, and would get teary-eyed because of fear on Thursdays. Fridays gave me anxiety. I would only calm down by EOD, when I am sure everything’s okay. Repeat that for the whole year. That was my 2014.

5 years have passed.

We’re still here.

I did not have strong faith when they said everything’s going to be okay not until today.

Time flew so fast.

Life moves on.

And it’s always going to be okay. 🙏🏻

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