9/365 bird or owl

Whenever some friends learn what time I go to work, or when they realize that I usually arrive in the office by the time they are still sound asleep, they would always get the impression that I am a morning person. While some who knows I like to sleep late sometimes, would ask if I am a night person. 🤔

The truth is, I am neither. I do not even know which I am! 😅

I wake up so early in the morning because I want to be in the office early, because if I start my day late, then everything follows. And I don’t want to cram. I like to finish my tasks at least 1-2 hours before my end of day (eod). I believe we all have different EODs depending on what time we start our day at work. Hehe. Plus, the reason for all this, is I no longer want to reach night time in the office! Oh my, the traffic during rush hour!

I stay up late at night because, hmmm, I dunno. I sometimes got so fixed in a Netflix Series that I forget about the time. And sometimes it’s just so relaxing to just stay awake and think. Like today, it’s past my bedtime and I’m here just lying on the bed, writing (typing) this blog entry via my WordPress Mobile App.

I guess being a morning or night person depends on which time of day one feels more motivated or thinks more positively.

I am one of the early birds – because I have to, for personal reasons as cited above. I am also one of the night owls when out with friends (most of the time I am the one who suggests to stay up overnight and just tell each other stories until everyone falls asleep).

I am neither. None of the choices.

But well, maybe I can be both..? 😜

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