8/365 of lies and alibis

There are people who would ask you something in the hope that you would be curious and ask them back what it’s about.

When what they really wanted was for you to know what they are up to without voluntarily giving the information themselves. I don’t know what satisfaction they get from it, why not just spill the bean. Why make other people curious when these people do not even really care?

So my friend was asked with a question – a question you’d peg for a Miss Universe final round Q&A. She did not give away her answer, instead asked why. But the person who asked her just gave her an alibi and said it’s nothing. When in fact my friends and I know what it is really about. 🤪

I can’t help but think that it’s just funny to watch and/or listen to people when they are lying to your face unaware that you already know the truth.

And even funnier when we let them believe what they think we do or do not know.


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