7/365 first week

It’s so nice to wake up in the morning during the first few weeks of a new year. The turning of a new leaf, a chapter, page, year, somehow brings most people energy. It’s like their gas tanks replenished and filled up!

I woke and got up today so early, no traffic on the road, no issues on the trains that I got in BGC so fast and early before the first light of day shines upon it (Good morning, Monday!) Even the traffic in the afternoon was so light we wished it could stay that way forever.

But surely, there’s no such thing as forever nowadays. As they say here in Metro Manila, there is no forever in EDSA (and other roads in terms of traffic).

It also speaks of this energy people seem to have at the beginning. Walang forever. This will run out. Inspiration and motivation will somehow expire. New Year’s Resolution is only good for what – a week, a month? 😅


May we all not run out of things to look forward to. May we all find ways to inspire, motivate, and find good things to love about our job, and beat this challenge not just on the first week, but throughout the year.

May we all not let our gas tanks empty. 😉

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