6/365 book tasting

Two years ago, I challenged myself to read at least one book every month for the whole year. I did a good job and exceeded my own expectations as I was able to finish more than 12 books, which are mostly of Cecelia Ahern.

I have even dedicated another blog site for all the books I’ve read with my reviews on each. I scrapped out the blog site because I’m not sure I can maintain it (read constantly), so I moved it here under My Reads. The books I listed there are only those I can still remember and had the time to write about. I need to re-read everything else to add to this list.

Last year, I did not have the time to buy new books and read, except for when the latest book from Mitch Albom was released – The Next Person You Meet in Heaven. He’s my most favorite author of all time so I had to get myself a copy! 🙂

I almost forgot! I actually did a few reading last year. Thanks to @BookTasters on Twitter for offering me free ebook copies of books in exchange for honest reviews to be posted in Goodreads. Because of @BookTasters, I was able to DM some of the authors themselves for a copy of their book.

Some of these authors and their books that I reviewed (hyperlinked with my Goodreads reviews)

@BookTasters has a list of underrated (but really good) books. I just had to quit as I am not really a fan of ebooks. I prefer the physical book or hardcopy more.

And then I discovered Netflix – so many good TV series and movies I can’t miss to watch. That really killed my reading hobby.

I still wanted to go back reading a book at least once a month.

So when I got a book as a Christmas gift from my youngest brother, I knew it’s a sign. Haha!

I have to start reading again. Plus, I really have a good and serious reason to do so – that I will talk about later when I ran out of things to write about. 😜

Today, I started reading.

I may randomly select novels in bookstores (suggestions are welcome!) after this, and start book tasting again. 😉

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