4/365 job done right

I have been reaching out to Globe since a few days ago for my change of broadband plan at home. What should have been just a 1 service request (SR), took 2 more.

The first technician who processed the first SR said that upon checking the area, there was no available spare line for my requested Unlimited Fiber Plan. So, we had to go for another option, which is VDSL and that’s going to be raised as a new SR.

The second SR, to my dismay, would not be processed again. The technician informed me that this was due to incomplete details. How come? The agent I chatted with logging the new SR has asked me so many questions for so quite a few details and now they’re saying its incomplete.. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I reached out again and messaged them via their Official Facebook page which has become one of their customer support services.

The 3rd service request was then logged.

Finally just today, the technician called me. Surprisingly, he suggested for a better broadband plan. He told me that instead of VDSL, fiber is much better. But I told him that the first technician already told me that it cannot be done as there are no available spare line.

“Ay baka hindi lang po sya nag-ikot sa area. Madami pong linya dito ma’am.”

That’s what he told me. Maybe the first technician who checked the request did not really check the whole area.

Some people really do their job just to do it – just to make the impression that they did it. While there are those who do their jobs with compassion for clients. They will not only check and reject if the request cannot be processed, but they will also suggest for better options.

And that is real customer service.

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