victim mentality is for the weak

Never let someone’s (pa-)victim mentality affect your life negatively. 😉

Let them sulk in their corner, embracing their victim mentality feeling, for circumstances that they themselves have created in the first place.

Let them spread lies to people with their made-up stories about how they ended up being victim, leaving the true details.

Let the people who they have successfully made to believe in their lies, think that you are the bad guy. Let them. Because it is these people’s choice to believe what they were told and it is their choice whether or not to know the facts.

Of course at first you’d be pissed. But then you’ll realize how you should not be negatively affected. How it’s funny (more than pathetic) to listen to them and watch them live their lies thinking you do not know the truth, but you already know it the minute they open their mouth.

Be at peace in the fact, that there will be people who will never believe what they say because they have long since proven to these people the kind of person that they are.

Because in the end, lies won’t matter. If at least one person believe you are the truth, then it’s more than enough.

And promise yourself, never be like them. Because strong people don’t play victim. It’s not how we play our game. 😉

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