mr and miss understood

After 48 years, naubusan na ako ng gagawing work-related (thanks but no thanks to a failed deployment), so naisip ko magsulat. It’s been a long time since I wrote something that does not talk about places I’ve been or book I read. So, halika basahin mo muna yung laman ng utak ko today..haha


Whenever I take personality tests, I usually get Observer as a result. They say that personality test results change with time, as we grow. However, I believe that I have always, ever since, been an observer. Maybe this is why I like movies or tv series that involve secret agents, spies, etc.

Ang sarap lang kase mag-observe. I enjoy just sitting in one corner, watching people, and listening to them (except when in training, nakakaantok). I enjoy formulating my own “diagnosis” of why some people do what they do, especially those that for some reason, I never had the chance to get along with – due to differences, etc.

Bukod sa masarap mag-observe, masaya yung pakiramdam na parang finally naiintindihan mo na kung bakit ka naiinis sa isang bagay, o yung parang gets mo na kung bakit ganito’t ganyan ka, siya, sila.

Minsan siguro hindi lang talaga natin naiintindihan yung mga tao or bagay or pangyayari na dati nating kinaiinisan.

I have always believed that a person is more than what they appear to be, or do or say. There is something to be both hated and liked about in each of us. But personally, I’d rather hate someone first, then prove myself wrong and finally understand that same person and realize “he/she’s not that bad after all”, than the other way around.

Napasulat ako, kase may isang tao na di ko nakakausap (or baka dahil ayaw namin sa isa’t isa hehe), tapos napaisip ako “siguro ganun lang talaga sya noh?”

And then observing this person made me think how each of us can be so misunderstood simply because we’re so focused on the other person’s side A, that we fail or refuse to check each other’s side B. 🙂


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