Ludo and Katsu

Late last year, my friends and I went out and tried something new. Well, eating isn’t something new, but dining out playing board games, is.

LUDO in Scout Fuentebella Corner Scout Torillo Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

LUDO BoardGame Bar & Cafe

Curious about the word, I googled for what the word Ludo means and found out that it is from a Latin word ludo which means “I play”, and Ludo is actually a board game in which players, using a dice, will race their four tokens from start to finish. So maybe that’s where this bar & cafe got their name.

interior – wall art and displayed above are just a couple of their board games available for play

Ludo BoardGame Bar & Cafe is one of the trending cafes in Metro Manila that not only serves delicious food, but also lets their patrons choose from hundreds of their available board games.

We’re not familiar of these board games. I, for one, only know to play snakes and ladders. Hehe! Yes, I even asked my friends to check if there is at least one snakes and ladders board game. When I was a kid, we had at home a giant board game. Thinking about it now, it was actually a ludo game — it has four houses (one on each corner), 20 tokens of 4 different colors (red, yellow, green, blue), and players race to get all his tokens to the finish spot, taking turns advancing by rolling of a dice.

So, back in LUDO…

[left-right]: Dharyl, Charitie, and me!
Undecided which board game to play, we asked one of the friendly LUDO staff for suggestions. Since it was just the three of us at that time, we asked for a game that can be enjoyed by 3 players. LUDO staff are friendly so if you go there and find yourself overwhelmed of all the board games, feel free to ask. We initially went for what one of the staff suggested. We tried to understand the game, unloaded the pieces on our table, but after a few minutes, loaded the pieces back in its box, then returned it to the shelves and checked other games. Haha! 😅

We finally decided on PANDEMIC. We went back to our table, unloaded the game pieces, and read the instructions. One staff was so nice she offered to assist us, but we nicely refused. We knew we could do it. Hahaha.


I can’t trust myself in giving details of this game, so just go to this link:

We enjoyed this game, but once we have already found all the cure, and it seemed we can’t remove all the virus in all infected locations, we decided it was game over. Hehe! 🤪

The food is good, too, by the way! 🙂 Curry Katsu for the win! 😄

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid post (none of my posts are). And all pictures are taken by me unless otherwise stated. 😉

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