Post Vdate at The Blackbird

On February 25, my friends and I had our post-Valentine’s date at the Blackbird Restaurant in Nielson Tower in Makati. A week before that, we issued a “memo” to dress up on that date. A little misunderstanding happened (my fault✌🏼), that I decided against it. Hehe! 🤪

Anyway, it was supposed to be our first time to eat out in a slightly formal setting as there is a dress code to follow in Blackbird– smart casual. We also went there to try their food.

Brunch Menu

By the way, menu sets are available depending on the time of day you plan to dine. We had a reservation there at 2PM and since some of us had not eaten lunch yet, so we ordered these:

Kedgeree (smoked trout and salmon spiced rice, edamame, hard and soft egg) –According to Diane, this tastes like Malaysian food. I took a taste of it once, but I do not anymore remember how it was.


The Italian (fresh baked pizza with pork sausage, guanciale, tomatoes, mushrooms, mozzarella, spinach and an egg) –As I can still remember, this one tastes good. I was surprised to see an egg on a pizza, but, yes, it’s good! And this is for sharing, obviously. Ria kept insisting that we get a slice so it won’t look as if the whole pizza is just for her alone. Hahaha! 🤣😂🤣


Tea Sets

Afternoon tea set (a fruit Scone with Jam & Cream + Pot of your own choice of Tea + Selection of Sandwiches + Selection of Cakes & Pastries)

Cream tea set (a fruit Scone with Jam & Cream + Pot of your own choice of Tea) 

I had Peppermint and Zye had Earl Grey for the tea. I liked the brownies (or was it cake?) and the scones with strawberry jam.

Note: The tea sets are served from 12 noon until 3 in the afternoon.

fitting all in one pic, minus Diane’s kedgeree 🙂

Overall? Personally, and I think my friends could agree with me, it’s too pricey for the food we ordered that tastes nothing special. I am so sorry. Maybe we can try dinner next time.. may be. Plus! The staff.. one of my friends felt we’re being watched. As if we’ll walk out without paying!? 😡 Well, that was just how we felt and thought. Maybe they did not mean it. Maybe it was just us. May be. Hehe! 😝

Well, that was it for our post-valentines-slash-destressing-catchup on people power day! This reminds me that the first time we went to eat out was also a holiday! See our koryan food trip on an ASEAN holiday(because holiday = fewer people, and fewer people = lesser stress!).

Now, who says singles can’t enjoy February?! Just because you’re single does not mean you cannot plan a Valentine’s date during the love month. 😉

“Titas of Manila” (pic grabbed from Diane)

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