tell me something good – finding Pearls

I dreamt about pearls last night. In my dream, I found pearls. There were a lot that in my dream, I had go get a drawstring bag to put them in.

I never dreamt about pearls before so when I woke up, I searched for what it means right away.

There are so many interpretations from different websites as to what pearls in dreams mean based on what you do with them in your dream. One of the articles I read was Pearl – Meaning of Dream. But most common among them says it’s something related to success in work or business. And that’s my something good today.

In my dream though, I was admiring them. I remember asking someone I was with in that dream if those are really pearls while I was picking them.

Lately, opportunities have been coming my way even before the last year ended. Luckily, I haven’t turned one down yet. And I’ve been happy with my decision to grab them so far.

Maybe that explains my dream. It’s only the first month of the new year and pearls are already coming in forms of blessings. Life feels light these days.

Maybe the pearls! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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