tell me something good – New Year!

Today is not only something good but also something to be grateful for. We have just closed the last page of 2017 and just opened a new chapter – the year 2018.

There is just one fact that isn’t something good—the fact that not everyone in 2017 made it today. It’s something that makes me think about life. About how every day is not promised—that we may be here today but God only knows about where or how will we be tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.

I hate writing about this. So I’ll stop now.

The reality that we are still here today, that we were able to wait for the unfolding of a new year and finally waking up to this new one, is something so good and we have God (or whoever you believe to be the reason) to thank this for.

I am always thankful for every day that I wake up with the important people in my life.

Every day is not promised. Having said goodbye to the moon last night and saying hello to the sun this morning, makes today something to be grateful for.

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