2017 – post mortem

In less than three hours, 2017 will be done and completed. I’ll do this year-ender post project-style. I searched for project post-mortem questions but I am too lazy to do them. I’ll just answer the two important questions that I remember being asked after a project is ended: What worked and what didn’t. So..

What worked?

✅ Saving every 50 pesos every time I have one, really worked. The first time I deposited my 50s in the bank, the teller was surprised. One of them even said she was also planning to do the same. I did this 50 pesos challenge when I could no longer keep up with my 52-week challenge (multiples of 50).

✅ Investing on a mutual fund (thru COLfinancial). It was really helpful. I was able to use it after 3 months when I needed extra money for my brother’s school.

✅ Taking the MRT instead of those shuttle services to work worked, too! Instead of paying 100 php every morning for the shuttle sevice, I just saved it up. The total amount I saved from it was what I used when I traveled to Cebu last March. 😉

✅ What I did with every 50-peso bill, I also did with the 10-peso coin. From the day I started it until last week, I was able to save 1,050 pesos! Then I gave it to my brother. Just like that. Hehe. 😅I intend to continue this next year—starting tomorrow, so.

Anyway, next is what worked in 2017 that helped me have a happy year.

💫 Identifying what you’re good at and keep doing it no matter what people think or how they would react. It works in a way that it doesn’t feed your ego but that it fills your heart.

💫 Being the first one. First to send a message, to get in touch with long lost friends and start a new season of friendship with a milkshake. 😉

💫 That that Love your work BS always works for me. I love my job—specially during the part where I can prove myself I can finish something I first thought I can’t.

💫 Focusing your energy only on what matters then care less about the rest. Learned this one from a friend who would always ask me back “will it matter?” and every time I said no, she’d say “exactly so why worry?”. I realized life’s easier that way. Go try.

💫 Finding your passion and letting it work for you. Remember when they used to say that we should let our money work for us and not the other way around? It’s the same with using your talents or with things you have passion doing. It works for me so I believe it will work for you, too. Well, I can’t say how long it will take, but it took me time (years) so just add a little patience and you’ll never know! Just keep swimming! 😉

💫 Never expect. This is something we always say to ourselves and to others but it’s really difficult to apply. My key is to forget. Yes. Forget what you are expecting and just keep being busy. One day life’s going to surprise you and get you what you want or need or both! 😜

What didn’t work?

❌ Procrastinating. It works for some people, though. It only gives me stress and a lot of putting blame on myself afterwards.

❌ Giving too much benefit of the doubt. Some people will only take advantage of believing you’ll never think that they’d do certain things.

❌ Being too nice. Need I explain more? 😜

❌ Keeping quiet and accepting other people’s behavior. This will never work. But what can I do? It’s in their bones already, in their system. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Haha. I’m sorry so much hate.

And that’s my 2017 WHATs and WHAT-NOTs list.

Time check -how many hours or minutes left?

Happy New Year!

What am I expecting? I can only claim good things. 😉I am not expecting anything but I have so many things to look forward to in 2018.

Thank You! 🙏🏻

Good job, 2017!

2018, I’m ready when you are. 😝

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