tell me something good – Tattoo for a Cause

A few weeks ago I was thinking about when’s the last time I had a new tattoo. It seems that for the first time, I’d be able to follow my 2-year tattoo rule—meaning I will only get a new tattoo every two years, which by the way, never happened. 😅 It’s already December and I haven’t craved for a new one. Only a few days more ’til the new year, and I haven’t thought of getting a tattoo.

Well, not until today. Last Friday, a friend of mine, mentioned/tagged me to a comment in a shared post on Facebook. It’s about a Tattoo for a Cause to support one baby’s fight against an Arachnoid Cyst.

Click here to read her story

Tattoo for a Cause

This activity is to help support Baby Kisha’s surgery that is planned to happen next year, January 12.

‘Tattoo’ and ‘for a Cause’, how could I not want it? I immediately signed up and scheduled myself for the first session which was today!

I went there by myself and was greeted by Baby Kisha’s father, and two others – one is the tattoo artist I failed to ask the name. ✌🏼 By the way, he really did a good job.

not my design.. I just Google-d it. 🙂

The Little Prince (in support for the little princess). Of all the tattoos inked on my skin, this is the most meaningful. I have reasons for my tattoos—reasons that only I know, but today’s the first time and this tattoo is the first tattoo I got for a purpose, for someone’s cause. This one tops my favorite. I love it for what the design is and for what it’s inked for.

I have read this quote somewhere: “A tattoo is great reminder of a place and time that was part of you.”

Now I have one that I’d be proud to tell its story (why I got it, how, when), and not just lame stories I’m always shy to share.

Want to help Baby Kisha? Please follow this link:

Near the area and want to get inked for a cause? PM them on Facebook.

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