tell me something good – 50k

I started blogging WordPress in 2008. I have learned so many things here like setting up and designing my blogsite. My only purpose for getting a WordPress account is just to have a medium where I can write and share my thoughts to friends.

Designing this blogsite is fun. I just want mine to be simple—uses simple and clean template, and just a couple of widgets.

Out of all the widgets I initially added to this site, there is one that interested me. It’s about hits or views. This widget when added to the site will show how many times this site has been viewed. Excited to know my views, I added the widget (I forgot what is it called).

In the first few months of being online, I was only seeing less than a hundred hits. Then the last time I remembered before I took that widget down (#feelingdisheartened), I was only getting 300.

Years passed and I no longer care about my hits/views. I just write without being bothered by whether or not I’d be read. I just wanted to write, anyway, so views shouldn’t matter.

From time to time, I would visit my stats from the blog dashboard. I was so happy when I saw that I have already hit a thousand views. I told myself that if I hit 50k views, then I’s consider it an #AchievementUnlocked.

I have told myself many times that even if I only have at least one reader, it’s more than OK.

But after 9 years of blogging and 800+ blog posts, I finally reached my goal today. ☺️

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