Eats in Palaisdaan

I am not sure but I was told that there are three restaurants in the Palaisdaan in Tayabas, Quezon. The Palaisdaan Restaurant, the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan and its Air Summit Gourmet, then there’s yet another one I am not sure of.

After our visit in Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban and before Charitie and I headed home, we stopped by this restaurant in palaisdaan along the national high-way.

Actually, we knew about it from two of the passengers we were with on our way to Kamay ni Hesus. Cha and I overheard them when they asked the FX driver to drop them off palaisdaan. The driver then asked back which one because there are two. Hehe! Cha and I looked at each other and whispered that we finally know where to eat before going home. 😜

Palaisdaan Restaurant

Palaisdaan Restaurant is on the right side along the National Highway if you’re coming from Lucban. I think it’s the first of the 3 restaurants in palaisdaan that you’ll see. It’s the 3rd one when you’re coming from Lucena.

the food!

Ok, let’s talk about the food. For less than 1k, here are what we devoured. Haha!

Left-Right/Up-Down: Sinigang na Bangus (P270), Sizzling Pusit (P340), Talong with Bagoong na Isda (P65), Leche Flan (P190). *Rice is P30/cup

the menu

My gulay napaka-sarap! So yummy! I can’t remember how many times I said “hmm sarap sarap” while eating (oh sorry, don’t talk when your mouth’s full but I just can’t help it.. not kidding!). Another good thing about Palaisdaan Restaurant is that you may choose to dine in one of their cottages. We intially thought there’d be additional fee but as confirmed by the crew, it’s free to use!

Here’s Cha and I, before our mini feast.


A month later, we had to go back to Lucena to pick up Cha’s new passport. To make the trip worthwhile, we ended it again with food! We went back to Tayabas, and decided to try the Airplane-themed restaurant, also along the National Highway, same side as Palaisdaan Restaurant.


Air Summit Gourmet in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

If you’re coming from Lucena, it’s on your left side and can easily be seen. Once you see the Airplane in the middle of the palaisdaan (fishery), there it is.


The place is IG-worthy. It is not only an Airplane-themed diner, but it also simulates the process. Before you can “board” the plane, you have to go to their lobby toΒ  reserve a seat and place your order. The staff and crew were even in uniforms matching the theme!

After taking your orders, you’d be given your “boarding pass” and you’d have to wait in the lobby until you hear your name being called, “paging Ms. Charitie and company, you may now board…”–something like that.

Inside Air Summit Gourmet

Out of curiosity, Charitie asked one of the crew if the plane is real. We were told that its shell is actually of an old Boeing 737, converted into a dining area.

We were lucky that we didn’t have to wait that long to be seated. We almost had the place to ourselves. Hehe.

…about the fooooood………..

Left-Right/Up-Down: Ginataang Sugpo (P550), Air Summit Scallops (P150), Choco Strawberry and Peach Mango Smoothies (P150 each). *Rice is P45/cup

I heard you. It’s pricey, right!? Haha!

Yummy? No. Not that yummy. I liked the ginataang sugpo more than the air summit scallops, though.

Value for money? No. It’s too pricey.

We enjoyed taking pictures inside more than our food. Hehe!

If you’re only up for the experience, then go. But if you’re after the food, then I suggest the Palaisdaan Restaurant.(oh, I’m sorry Air Summit ✌🏼). BUT! I believe they have another restaurant, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, maybe it’s better. We have yet to try it. They also have a camping site, and you may trek/trail the forest hills. We want to try it next time.

That’s eats! πŸ˜‰

Oh by the way, Flowers!🌼🌻🌸

from the lobby..


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