good memory—blessing or curse?

I’ve been thinking a lot about past memories lately. Since I reunited with some old friends, there are times I’d like to reminisce with them. Every time I remember things that happened nn years ago, I hold back from bringing them up. But I am too afraid to start. Well, one of the reasons is … Continue reading good memory—blessing or curse?

the promise

When somebody once told you that whenever you got a problem you can call them anytime, then years passed they die, then you talk to them when you're in trouble (save you a seat, help you find something, etc.) and then they respond in ways unbelievable.. You will never realize that they are keeping their … Continue reading the promise

chicken meal bogos!

BOGOs for Lunch! Once again we claimed bogo deals from Booky Manila App for lunch (on different days, of course). 🤪 Pound Chicken Loco Moco - Pound by Todd EnglishBuy one Pound Chicken Loco Moco and get the same for free! What's in it? Pound chicken, garlic rice, sunny-side up egg with foie grass Regular … Continue reading chicken meal bogos!

The Seven Days Black & White Photo Challenge

Two weeks ago, I was challenged by my friend, Jesan, to participate in the currently trending photo challenge. The Seven Days Black & White Photo ChallengeFor seven days, I have to post seven black and white photos that describe my life. Rule: No humans, no explanation. Just picture. Here were my entries: Day 1. Day … Continue reading The Seven Days Black & White Photo Challenge