tell me something good – Mondays


The struggle is real on Mondays. Two-day weekends are never enough. Almost everybody struggles on Mondays. I always do.

The struggle starts with feeling lazy because we all can’t get enough of the weekends. Mondays bring us negative feelings, negative vibes. And negative feelings result to negative actions.

The rest of our week, sometimes depends on how we did at the start of it. A bad Monday can affect the rest of the week as much as a good one.

I believe that Mondays are not always bad. Mondays don’t always have to suck. We just have to focus on things that went right.

Tell you something good

Today, November 27, a Monday, I went to my brother’s Senior High School with Mama to get his report card. Mr. Mores and Mama had a talk about how my brother was doing this past semester, while I just sat there listening. I’ve heard good things about my brother. His adviser even said he has a (good) future.

Of all the stress that I’m experiencing at work (from travel to and from, work itself, etc), I think I needed to hear this good news, to make me realize that everything is worth it. He’s making us proud. 🙂

That definitely made the top list of something good on my Monday this week. There are a few more things that went good or brought me good news today, but they all deserve a separate post each. Will write about what they are some other day. 😉

I think that no matter how bad your Monday turned out, if we could focus on at least one thing that made it good, then we can all agree that not all Mondays are bad.

This post is just a start of a challenge I put myself up to. To try to see the good in the day. To try to tell you something good on my Monday.

Happy Monday! wherever you are.. 😉and have a good week ahead.. 🙂

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