good memory—blessing or curse?

I’ve been thinking a lot about past memories lately. Since I reunited with some old friends, there are times I’d like to reminisce with them. Every time I remember things that happened nn years ago, I hold back from bringing them up.

But I am too afraid to start. Well, one of the reasons is they might think I’m just being childish (but that’s just how I always am! always the kid-at-heart one!).

I have a very vivid memory. I remember details of certain events from my distant past, as far as 25 years ago. Details of particular events that stuck —the whens, the wheres, and all. It’s as if almost everything to me is unforgettable.

A blessing or a curse?

It’s actually both. It’s a blessing when my memory of something good a person did makes them happy and touched by how I can still remember. It becomes a curse if the person doesn’t recall any of it happening no matter how good the memory was —it’s as if I just made that up, and that makes me feel sad.. very sad.

And every time that happens—when a friend doesn’t seem to recall my memory of them, I can only remind myself that one’s failure to remember things of the past doesn’t invalidate my memories of it.

Well maybe it’s not actually the memory of something that stuck. But how it made me feel that time that it becomes unforgettable.

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