quite quiet

Everybody who knows me knows that being quiet is natural to me. My friends are already used to that, that it already came to a point where they’d be the ones to explain to people who calls out my being quiet, that not speaking much is actually my normal.

Ever since I started school, teachers would always write it in my report cards that I am too quiet. That my areas for improvement have always been about communication skills. I only talk when asked. I don’t mingle a lot. Too shy to talk to anyone. It makes me wonder now how I managed to get friends. Hehe! 😜

When it comes to words, I am not one to speak them. I may not be talkative talkative, but I am talkative on paper. It’s true when they say people who don’t talk much are sometimes the ones who have a lot to say —because they think more than they speak.

This blog account of mine in WordPress is proof. I have been writing long before I started this WordPress Blog in 2008. I have been writing since gradeschool.

I think in my lifetime, I have more written words than spoken ones.

But why? I guess because I don’t always have someone I can talk to about the random things I am thinking. But I always have a notepad (literal and digital/app) to write them on (literally and figuratively). 😉

Me? Quiet? Hmm, not totally.

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