praying is like ordering goodies

I have been told that when we pray, we have to be specific. We have to tell God what we really want to pray for. That instead of asking God ‘please send anyone/anything my way’, we should tell Him what or who really it is that we are praying for. And I think, in order to do that, we have to first know what it really is, or who, that we want. We have to know what do we really want before “ordering” from God.

Praying is like Ordering – my Analogy

Praying to God for something or someone is like ordering your favorite value meal at a fast food chain.

As always is the case, before we even get to the phone and dial to order, or before we go the cashier or call a waiter, we somehow already know what we want to get. It’s the same with praying.

You tell God the specifics just like when you order your meal: Cheeseburger, Medium Fries, Large Sarsi/Rootbeer Mug without ice.😋

But of course, we won’t always get it at once. Like when ordering a meal, sometimes it takes time. Depending on the availability of the food, we are usually asked if we are willing to wait for how many minutes. It’s the same with “ordering” from God. He may not give us everything we asked or prayed for all at once. It takes God’s time.

So, without God having to ask ‘Willing to wait, My Child?’ Are you?

Just last week I finally know what I really want. Since then, it has been what I’ve been praying for, with the intercession of St. Jude Thaddeus.

Am I willing to wait for this one? Yes, I am. 🙂

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