throwback to super moon

It was exactly one year ago when I took my first ever most decent shot of the moon (featured image👆🏼) —decent because compared to most of my moon pictures, this does not just look like a white circle (⚪️).

It was also then, because of the moon, that I realized that if we appreciate the little things, it won’t affect us so much if we miss the big ones, in that case then, the Super Moon.

the Moon. 🌕

I did not want to miss it —the Super Moon.

You know, there is something about the Moon that makes me love it. I really can’t pinpoint what but every time I see the moon, I really get excited. And so this day last year, I thought that I really had to take a picture of the Super Moon.

I expected the worst—missing it. And while I’m at it, getting sad, I suddenly remember something that consoled me. A thought —that it doesn’t matter whether or not I get to see this, so they say beautiful Super Moon that everyone was talking about. It doesn’t matter because I have always been a fan of the moon and I have always thought that it’s beautiful no matter what phase it is in.

I have always been the first person who would tell my friends by posting online to “go out now and see the moon tonight it’s beautiful!” or “if you’re still in the office, look out the window and look at the moon!”.

I also remember that recently while my friend and I was outside waiting for a bus home, it was like the moon was calling me that I suddenly looked up to see the full moon as if it was also staring at me. My first instinct as always was tell my friend “uy ganda ng buwan o!” (hey look! the moon! It’s beautiful!) and she’d look up and say, “oo nga!” (indeed!)

Well, they said that we’ll see the next super moon in 68 years. I’d be a centennarian by then. But as I think about it, even if I don’t get to live to see the next supermoon, it’s ok. Because I have celebrated every beautiful (phase of the) moon that I had been blessed to see. I always will.

And I won’t let you miss it. I’ll let you know every time.😉


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