thinking about 3rd grade

Today, I watched my cousin who’s currently in 3rd grade, practice at the San Isidro Church together with other 3rd-graders, for their upcoming First Holy Communion ceremony.

Seeing all them students and watching her as she anxiously waited for her beshie (millenials’ new term for best friend), reminds me of the time I were her grade in school almost three decades ago.

I missed the feeling of waiting anxiously for my best friend then excitedly seeing her walk in. I was always the little one with any of my best friends —the one being taken care of, watched over, looked out for. 100% of the time I was treated like their younger sister because, well, I’m shorter than any of them.

Aside from missing elementary things, I can’t help but also wonder how these little kids have no idea what they’re gonna be, or do, in the future. I can’t help but also think how I never imagined I’d be who and what I am today.

Time flies so fast. I was just in Grade 3 one day, and then the next thing I know, I’m 33! 😜

Have a blessed Sunday, y’all! ☺️


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