philppines has i

There’s this viral picture of a banner that had the country’s name, the Philippines, misspelled (missing ‘i’ between ‘l’ and ‘p’). It was a Welcome banner for the ASEAN delegates who will be attending the summit.

The viral post was a call-out not to just pinpoint the incorrectly spelled country name, but actually to question the budget that the government spent for such banner that, as the one who posted think, may put the country to shame.

I disagree with the post.

If we are going to make an issue about the banner, it would have to be about who ordered it, who printed it, and who received the product prior to displaying it everywhere.

Misspelled signages

I’ve seen many posts making fun of signages of small business establishments with misspelled words, etc. If there’s anyone who have to take blame or made fun of, it has to be the one who printed it. Somebody should have reviewed it first before giving the go signal to have it printed or even displayed in Metro Manila for everyone to see.

So let me talk about the work done here.

If I were to have my own signages business, isn’t it my responsibility to deliver quality?

Isn’t it part of my job to confirm with my client if that’s how they really want it, or at least suggest to fix something, like spelling, that I think was missed?

Some people are so consumed of their annoyance and hate on the President that they blame it to his government even the little mistakes —just to make the government look bad.

Remember that as a citizen, every time you sabotage the good that any government is doing for the country, you also sabotage YOUR country.

And about doing our job, which is my main message for this post:

Even if you think you are being well or badly paid for, still do your job so good—enough that they start to think only either: “you’re worth what we paid you for” OR “you deserve so much more”

This applies to all.


Sa ganang akin po lamang.

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