i am my sign.

I was born in October, under the star sign Libra –the scales. I love being a Libra. I can relate to most, if not all, of its characteristics.

But of all the characteristics that Libra people are known to have, there is one that I identify with. That one characteristic that even others could see in me.


I have been told many times by friends in different situations that I am the one who keeps everything balanced. Though I actually secretly feel that already.

There are a couple of instances that I remember when a friend tells me I keep things balanced.

1. In 2012, when a friend who was leading our team asked me to join her one-on-one meeting with one of our fresh grad teammates (yeah, I know, so it was rather a 2-on-1.. hehe), so I could “balance” the atmosphere. She was then worried that the fresh grad would be scared if it was only the two of them. So she had me join them because she said that my presence would “lighten the mood” and help the kid feel somehow at ease. Sweet. ☺️

2. 2 years ago, I was also team mates with a friend. There’d be days when she’d be stressed and I’d be the one person whom she’d want to be with. One day just right after she got in the office and put her bag on her desk, she said a little loudly looking at me while others were listening, “itong si Jocelle, pang pa-good vibes ko ito eh”. It made my day. ☺️

3. When a friend of mine has become annoyed with our other friend, I am usually the one who’d insist for us to get together in an event.

4. And just today, I was chatting with a friend who was currently losing patience with some things. When she suddenly said, “ikaw talaga pang-balanse namin”. And then once again, I remember all those times somebody said the same thing. 😂

Then I remember, I am a Libra! ♎️

I am the scales. ⚖️


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