4 hours to get home

Once again there were delays in the arrival of the trains today. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Every day I try my best to get up really very early so I could get to work by 6:30AM at the earliest, so I could leave the office a little bit early.. soooo I could get home before it gets dark. However, today, leaving early from work did not work work. There were delays again!

This week, the arrival of the trains take longer than usual. Yesterday, it was because of some “signal communication” issue. Today, they announced that the delays are because there are fewer trains working. My friend and I are suspecting that maybe it’s really because the operation is affected as the ASEAN delegates have started coming here for the event next week. You know security issues, etc.

My feet hurt. I had been standing since I left the office by past 3PM–on the jam packed bus, and in the queue in the MRT station platform as we waited for the trains.  Stood and waited on the platform for 2 hours! Then there was heavy traffic during my last ride going home. I finally got home by past 7PM.

It was tiring. I usually get home before 6PM. I can’t believe how long it took me today.

A friend messaged me that another friend in the office offered to carpool next time. But I asked what time would he leave the office? It was already 6pm earlier but they’re still in the office. So I thought maybe I’ll go if they’d leave a little early.

Why would I still choose to commute over comfort? Because of this little one..

my baby niece.. ☺️

I want to get home as early as I can so I can still play with her while she’s still awake. I may not catch her up if I get home late. So, yeah. I will still try to get up early so I could get to work early, so I can leave the office early enough to get home early enough to play with our little one. 😜

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