the Lolas’ groupie

I did not have a good riding experience in the train today – to and from work. In the morning, the train where I was in kept stopping in between stations due to another train’s (ahead of us) problems. In the afternoon, trains were delayed due to some signal communication, I think (I can’t remember what). It took me and my friend more or less an hour to get into one of the trains. The trains are packed and we do not want to wait anymore, so we squeezed ourselves on the next train that passed.

This post is not to share how I am pissed (as everyone else have always been) with the MRT. I am writing this post because of the 5 elder ladies who happen to be on the same train as me.

We were one station away from the last station. While others get off the train, I finally found a space to sit. I heard women giggling from the seat across me telling another woman to transfer seats so they sit beside each other and take a group picture –hearing them made me smile and laugh silently.

So the woman transferred.

Turned out they were 5 Lolas or grandmothers, (as they refer to themselves) occupying the whole length of the seat across from where I was seated (like the picture above). And they really wanted to take a picture of them together.
While I was hearing them, I was also wondering how are they planning to do that –will someone take a groupie, or do they have monopod to use. I also imagined my own mother with her friends as them. So I really can’t help but smile when suddenly, Lola #3 (the one in the middle and who was right across from me), held out to me her smart phone while asking for favor, “uhm, Miss? pwede mo ba kame picture-an?” (Miss, can you please take our picture?)

I can no longer hide my smile! Then smiling, surprised, and laughing a little, I so obliged. 😉

I took their picture while the train was not yet moving. It was just one take, but I guess they already liked it so they did not ask for a take 2, or maybe they got shy to ask again? I dunno but I think somehow it made them happy. They thanked me when I handed them back the phone.

While they were looking at the picture, I noticed Lola #2 was looking at me smiling, then while I look at her, she mouthed “Thank you” with a genuine smile. ☺️

You know what they say, “Everyday might not be good but there is good in every day.”? Well, my encounter with the 5 Lolas is definitely the good thing that happened to me today.

Plus, there’s also this reminder to make at least 3 persons smile each day —I feel confident that I made not just 3, but 5 smile today –which made me happy, too! ☺️

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